MARIA SAEKEL-JELKMANN BRCP⁄EMD (British Register of Complementary Practitioners⁄Energy Medicine Division). Owner and Designer of Energy2000Plus, an unique holistic healing method based on the use of the pendulum. Accredited and recognised by ICNM (Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine) and OCN (Open College Network) .


Maria Theresia Jelkmann was born in 1923 in Berlin, Germany.
Parents Josef Jelkmann and his wife Hedwig Jelkmann nee Bruhs

Homeopathy (1984)
Iridology (1984)
Auricolo Theraphy (Ear acupuncture)(1985).

Member of:
British Society of Dowsers, Buddhist Society, Egypt Exploration Society, Astrological Association of Great Britain.

Dignity in dying:
Maria is a passionate campaigner for the right of every human being to determine when to die when suffering becomes too much to bear. Death is the ultimate transformation a person undergoes and nobody has the right to impose their beliefs and judgement on the parting person. The law may impose safeguards and regulations, but in the end the dying individual has the final decision to make.

1929-1932 Grundschule/Berlin Neukolln/Kopfstrasse
1932-1933 Grundschule/Breslau
1933-1934 Staatliches Lyzeum/Breslau (higher education)
1935-1936 Lyzeum (Ursuline Sisters) Berlin/Lindenstrasse (Closed 1936 by hitlers nazi regime – political/religious reasons)
1936-1937 Lyzeum (Theresien Sisters) Berlin
1937 leaving school (mittlere reife)
1938-1942 Student Textil und Modeschule (Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration) Berlin/Warschauerstrasse (Diploma holder and Master student)
1942-1943 Compulsive war service: film studio stier und schwarzel – (supposed to provide propaganda film animation to educate the german army which never materialised)
1943 Student academie fur bildende kunst/berlin (closed end of 1943)

Member of a selected small group of art students evacuated to Primkenau/Selesia (schlesien) to work on non-specified tasks for the arbeitsdienst headquarters (never materialises either – tutor for this period: Professor Maximilian Clever).

End of 1944 escape from Selesia and the advancing Russian army via Berlin (home bombed shortly before) to Gera/Thuringia (Thuringen). Gera surrendered in may 1945 to the american army.

End of 1945 return to berlin. Again new start as student of the re-opened now West-Berlin akademie fur bildende kunst (tutor: professor friedrich stabenau)

1946-1948 (simultaneously) dozent hochschule fur angewanthe kunst/weissensee-East berlin (landscape drawing and human body).

1948 Illegal crossing from East Berlin via Westfalia and Baden to Munich/Bavaria/Bundesrepublik

1948-1950 student munich academy (theatre design and illustration – tutor: Professor Emil Praetorius)

Hobby: study egyptology University Munich

1950 marriage to Wilhelm Saekel – journalist and editor for foreign politics/Sud-Deutsche Zeitung

1949-1967 freelance work: illustrator (books/newspapers) writer: children’s Stories/short stories/reportages/articles for several newspapers (suddeutsche Sonntagpost/frankfurter neue presse/ehrenwirth verlag/bechtle verlag/gunter Olzog verlag/agency graberg & gore/hoechst pharmaceuticals/editor: suddeutsche Sonntagspost (children’s page).

1951-1953 lecturer (1 day weekly) fachschule fur modelandshut/bavaria (history of art and costume drawings/children’s carnival festivities arranger for die Abendzeitung/Munich.

1964 divorced.

1967 move to london to live with dying Jewish emigrant friend irene herzfeld (aka Geyer-Harding).

1968 student at richmond adult college (pottery and sculpture) tutor: sylvia des Tours)

Regular work for agency graberg and gorg (germany) features illustrations for Small galleries in london

1968 radical and totally unexpected change of life and direction

A last routine health check in germany after the final move to england resulted in verdict: cancer

It proved to be a horrenous mis -diagnosis , the terminal cancer turned out to be an anus fistula. Untreated for nearly half A year, it burst eventually with disastrous consequences: large areas of destroyed tissue, causing never ceasing excruciating pain – operations – no prospects of life ever going back to normal – and A zombie like existence ruled by strongest painkillers, which made everything even worse.

1969 half dying and leading a miserable existence – suddenly the decision to abandon conventional medical treatment, doctors and allopathic medication with all their damaging side- effects completely. Instead starting to learn against all odds every available aspect of complementary healing methods.

It was a revelation and became the obsessional challenge from then on up to the present.

Using the pendulum as the sole (and absolutely reliable) source for every decision (knowledge acquired in 1943 from a german doctor). Complementary medicine took over and shaped entirely and profoundly the conduct of daily life. Numerous different workshops, alternative holistic exhibitions/radionics/and books.