Medical dowsing is a healing method based on the use of the pendulum for attaining, maintaining, enhancing and protecting health. Everything vibrates, nothing stagnates.


Energy2000Plus was developed over a period of 45 years working with thousands of volunteers, dissatisfied with the harmful and sometimes lethal side-effects of modern allopathic medication. They were looking for different and safer ways of restoring their failing health. Maria's success in finding new ways combined with the use of already existing therapies was spread entirely by ‘word of mouth’ and patients came on a daily basis from all countries.

Energy2000Plus combines two important parts:

strictly personalized Food List for every individual metabolism, which does not put the emphasis on nutrition values but looks more at the person's inherited weaknesses, miasm, intolerance and allergies against certain foods.

the medication used as Energy only and disposes of every substance, cutting out harmful side-effects. Energy medicine is totally safe and is based on one basic law of Physics:

Substance (visible and touchable) and Energy (invisible and aloof) are the same and as they are the same, they will do the same and the only difference between these conjunct twins is that Substance is unstable and undergoes constant changes to vanish entirely in the end, unlike Energy on the other hand, is the only force in the universe which is permanent and instructable and eternal. Both work together in every creation in the universe but it is the Substance which has the unwanted side-effects and makes it virtually impossible to use in many cases to its full potential. Energy on the other hand has no side-effects at all.

There are many ways one can separate the harmful Substance from the non-harmful Energy i.e. with Radionic Instruments, Cards.

In the form of Energy one can use even the most lethal poison properly potentised on a daily basis. It will heal and never harm. These are the facts that Energy Medicine uses and which makes it unique and superior to any other Substance treatment.

Energy works, numerous people treated can confirm this, with the critics and doubters to the contrary.

Medical dowsing is a complementary healing method and is not intended as a substitute for a conventional medical diagnosis. This website provides information on medical dowsing and Energy2000plus for general informative and educational purposes; the information provided does not amount to advice on which you should rely, nor does it replace professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. We do not warrant that information provided on the website will meet your health or medical requirements. It is up to you to contact a medical health professional, in addition to considering medical dowsing, and you are strongly advised to do so if you are concerned about your health.